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Fukubukuro Lucky Bag 12/30/17-1/7/18

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The short version:
12 Regular Fukubukuro Lucky Bags $50 with $100 value of items inside. 2 Bambucha Fukubukuro Bags $100 with $200 value of items inside. Free shipping in the US. Choose the option you would like to buy (Regular comes with mens tshirt, sizes Small through 2XL) Bambucha Bag is at bottom of option lis (Bambucha Bags do jot have a shirt because we put more toys). Happy New Year!

The extended version:

We are big fans of Lucky Bags, especially during New Years. New Years Day has become somewhat of a tradition to go to the mall (shout out to Ala Moana Center in Honolulu!) and try our luck at some lucky bags from our favorite retailers. If you look at it as getting items at half off or buy one get one free or however else you look at it you basically get double the value of what you pay for. This year we hope to be one of your favorite retailers that you try your luck with this New Year week! The tradition may have started with the Japanese, but we dig their style! We have two styles of Fukubukuro bags for 2018, the year of the dog.

The Regular Fukubukuro Bag is limited to 12 bags and cost $50 with free shipping within the US. It does contain a men's shirt with size options ranging from men's small through men's 2xl and contains a variety of items worth $100 per bag.

The Bambucha Fukubukuro Bag is limited to only two bags. Bambucha is Hawaiian local pidgin slang for big (source: Pidgin to da Max). The Bambucha bag costs $100 and contains over $200 worth of items (but this does not include a shirt because we put too much killer toys and goodies inside!!!!!) In fact we love the items in the Bambucha bags so much that we wouldn't mind keeping them ourselves! But we sometimes feel you gotta risk it for the biscuit, and if you do too then we will gladly reward you for doing so! These bags also have free US shipping.

Mahalo to @wabyshaka for creating our Fukubukuro handstyles because we can't write Japanese for crap!

Fukubukuro Lucky Bags are available for purchase 12/30/17 through 1/7/18 unless they sell out before then. Bags will ship 1/8/18 so that nobody will ruin the surprises within the bags with spoilers.

Mahalo for your support in 2017! We wish you a happy and healthy 2018! God bless you and your family! Be safe with the fireworks, don't drink and drive, and hug and kiss your loved ones all year long with the same enthusiasm you have at midnight on New Years Eve.

With love, 'Umi Toys Hawai'i